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Connect6° Discover dynamically displays contact information, including a profile picture, brief bio, contact details, and social links as you browse the web.

The plug-in works across the most popular websites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail (and other popular Web-based email platforms), Hootsuite, and even As you browse web pages, Connect6° places a small search beacon, or pointer, next to any unique identifier (e.g., Twitter handle, link to social media site or email address). When you hover over the beacon, the person’s profile is automatically displayed — revealing what a person looks like, where they're based, and what they do.

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We provide contact details in real-time about the people behind their Twitter handles.

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Discover people with specific skills or titles embedded within their social and technical profiles.

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Stop relying on LinkedIn's InMail. Get a contact's email address and phone number with the click of a button.


Quickly link to a person's social profiles - everything from Facebook to Github. 


See a complete social graph with all the contacts between you and the person highlighted.